September to December


We hunt some of New Mexico's most beautiful country for the majestic bull elk. All of our elk hunts are 5 day hunts begiinning in September with the archery season that runs from September 1st - 14th and September 15th - 24th.


During archery season the hunt is split into 3 hunts; September 5th  thru 9th, September 11th thru 15th or September 18th thru 22nd.


Our muzzleloader season runs the first week of October and some very limited hunts in December.


New Mexico elk rifle season opens the first Saturday in October to December 31st on Public Land. Private land elk tags have more options. Some dates are governed by the New Mexico Department of Game & Fish.



Mule Deer


September / October / January


Northern New Mexico is home to some of the largest mule deer in North America. Our Mule Deer Hunts begin in September.


Archery hunts run from September 1st - 22nd. Just like the elk, the deer hunts are split into 3 five day hunts; September 5th thru 9th, September 11th thru 15th or September 18th thru 22nd. New Mexico, also, offers late season archery, that runs from January 1st - 15th.


New Mexico muzzleloader season begins September 25th and runs thru mid November. These hunts are five-day hunts.


Rifle hunts in New Mexico run from the 2nd week of October to the middle of December. Late season youth tags are, also, available and limited public land opportunities.






Our antelope hunts take place from the eastern grasslands to the high plateaus of northern New Mexico.


Archery hunts are held in August and they are five-day hunts.


Muzzleloader hunting is the last week of August until the first week of October. All muzzleloader and rifle hunts are three days.


For rifle hunts, we have access to various private ranches and land owner authorizations. These hunts provide great opportunities for youth and mobility impaired hunters.



January - February


New Mexico Persian ibex hunts are not for the weak at heart this is a hunt of a lifetime that is located in southern new mexico. Persian ibex live in the most rugged mountain ranges New Mexico has to offer. Persian ibex hunts take place during fall months and can be pursued with rifle , muzzleloader and bow. prices and dates vary  southwest outfitters does recommend  this hunt for experienced hunters in good physical shape due to the rugged and physically challenging terrain. Please call for more information





New Mexico oryx hunts occur year around  new mexico has two options for oryx first being a on range hunt witch consists of a two day hunt on White sands missile range located in south central New Mexico a dry and arid part of new mexico that provides a optimal environment to maintain a healthy and thriving  population. this is a two day hunt managed by security staff at white sands  and is limited access  and hunt dates New Mexico on range hunt for oryx is a once in a lifetime opportunity. there are two main range areas to hunt stallion missile range and rhodes canyon area. please contact for further information as hunting opportunities and dates change every year

New Mexico off range hunts take place year around and are done month to month hunts are conducted on public open access lands that surround White sands missile range private land opportunities are also available but limited.
off range oryx hunts are not a once in a lifetime hunt opportunity.  southwest outfitters has had exceptional success off the range and have harvested many trophy animals. please contact for recommendations and opportunities 

Black Bear / Mountain Lion


August - March


Our professional houndsmen and excellent pack of hounds will lead you on the adventure of a lifetime pursuing New Mexico's top predators. This hunt is exciting and physically challengin at times due to rough terrain, weather changes and some elevation changes. Unlike other hunts, lodging and meals are not provided and are the responsibility of the hunter. Transportation during the hunt is provided. Hunters who wish to hunt Black Bear or Mountain Lion must purchase an over-the-counter New Mexico license 2 days prior to hunting. All Black Bear hunts take place in late September to mid October and are five-day hunts. Mountain Lion hunts take place from mid November to mid February and are also five-day hunts, but are not limited. We pride ourselves on being proficient and professional while maintaining a near 100% success rate